“Dapat Main” with Beautiful MAS Stewardess

~ Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey guys, today I brought to you experienced story from this guy I call him as Bro Evo. I enjoy read his story look like a short novel cinta to me. Very interesting to share with readers here from start to the end. I bet you not boring about this one because it’s so good story line. Here we go…

1. CKT = (char koey teow) – Chinese
2. NL = (nasi lemak – in Malay) or No Limit
3. SYT = Sweet Young Thing
4. DFK = Deep French Kissing
5. DATY Dining at the Y (Performing oral sex on a woman with her legs spread – she is in the shape of a Y)
6. WL = Working Ladies

The beginning of a story…

1. Around 8 p.m. on Friday night, I slowly packed my things and get ready to go on my dinner date with the MAS CKT, Miss J. I breezed through the heavy traffic from my office towards a condo building somewhere in Subang Jaya. After much effort, I arrive at the entrance of the condo and get myself a visitor’s pass and parked my car carefully at the available visitor’s parking lot. After securing my car safety, I walked to the lift and press the button to the 11th floor of the condo building. Saw a hot and sexy NL SYT walking passed the lift door just before it was closed and I was on my way up to the 11th floor when my phone ringing. It was Miss J asking me where I am and I said I’ll be at her door in 10 seconds.

2. True enough, she was waiting for me at her condo door. The whole 11th floor was so quiet although lights can be seen from some of the units. She greeted me and invited me in. My first impression on her place was this condo unit was so cozy and relaxing. A bit of a modern urban touch in the living room. Some furniture from IKEA and some medium pictures on the wall. There was a soft music from David Gray’s album playing on her CD player. She served me a fine tasty red wine, and we talked about my life, her life just to get ourselves comfortable. She asked me if I was from my office since I was still wearing my office attire and tie. I just smiled and said back to her that she was correct indeed. She was wearing a long night dress, pink in color with spaghetti strap that revealed her deep cleavage.

3. Later she invited me to the dining table as she said the dinner was ready since quarter past eight. Nice menu I could say. Home made beef steak, some mix salads, fruits and some ice cream for desert. Not a candle light dinner as I have thought, but the ambiance and the cozy environment made our dinner a nice and comfortable one. We continued our chat over dinner and we shared some jokes and sometimes she would come over to my chair to pour some more wine into my glass. All the time so far, we were going well towards each other. I asked her what she normally did when she was on a lay off from duty. She replied that normally she would sleep and went out shopping and cooking. Asked whether she had a boyfriend and she just said not now, but she used to have a NL boyfriend. But because of her duty, she was not feeling lonely at all and she preferred life like what she has now. Yeah, that’s right eh!

4. We continued our talk after I helped her cleaned the dishes which surprised her very much, but I told her I stay alone and get used to do all the chores. She didn’t believe it so I showed her some small scars on my fingers because I am not too good with knifes. That joke brought a big laugh from her and she started to slap my arms softly and pinching my cheek saying I was so funny. Hehehehehe…. :D One thing for sure, it seems that my bait is the correct one and sooner rather than later this chick will be hooked on my ‘fishing rod’! We continue to chat again at her living room and it seems that Miss J is a bit talkative and seriously a funny and happy go lucky kinda person. The first bottle of wine was empty when she started to open a new one. Instead, I asked her whether she had any can of beer inside her fridge. Later, she came back to the living room with a pack of 6 cans of Carlsberg beer and we kept on making jokes and so. It was full of laughter as we were both a bit drunk I guess (but I clearly can say she was getting drunk while I was still able to drive home, hehehehe!).

5. I looked at my watch and it was nearly 11 p.m. I asked her to get rid of the melodramatic David Gray’s CD and turn on the telly instead. She said she didn’t subscribe to ASTRO and counter asked me if I want to watch a movie instead. I said OK and let’s the DVD rolling. She played a good Korean movie with all those love stories, guys crying etc. While sitting next to me on the L shaped IKEA sofa. My head was getting heavier with the wines and beers and I still haven’t had my shower yet. Perhaps sensing that I was a bit uncomfortable with my office attire, she offered me to take my shower. I gladly accept and she passed me a clean towel and asked me to take my shower in her master bedroom shower while she continued to watch the Korean movie. Let’s take a peek at her bedroom. Nice big wooden king size bed with cotton duvet and mattress, the wall was painted soft blue, huge contemporary closet at one corner and hotel look a like dressing table with 5’x 3’ mirror hanging next to her bedroom door. OK, that’s enough and I’m gonna take my shower in her own bathroom. Let see what I will find.

6. First thing I noticed was she clearly kept her bath room really clean and tidy, and I continued to have a good shower and later when I got out of the bathroom…. Surprise surprise!! The room lights were off only the bedside lamp was on. She was waiting for me on her bed. I looked at the door, already closed and no sound from the telly either. My pants, shirts and tie were already hang nicely behind the door. I was stunned, not knowing what to do. Whether I should turn left to put on my clothes or turn right to the bed. She was looking at me with her round eyes half open and slowly using her finger, making a sign for me to come closer to her. Who I am to declined her wish, and slowly I turn right towards the bed. But wait, I turn back and went towards the door and took out my phone. Put it on silent mode with the vibration off. Who knows, just in case Nadia awek aku call me in the night? Alright then, it’s show time!

And how it ended last night…

7. I slowly crawling on the bed and made my way towards her. I tell you guys, this chick was high on alcohol. Blushing red face and faster heart beat. She grabbed my hands and later I found myself under the duvet to join her with the towels and my Renoma boxer already on the floor. She was totally naked already, and I took the chance to slowly explore her smooth body from her neck, down to her breasts before I venture further south on her belly and her pussy. By now, the duvet was already at the feet of the bed and we were looking at each others body while she started to caress my body here and there. Wasting no time, I found her lips and we were kissing just lips to lips as she didn’t open her mouth wide enough for a DFK. Never mind, because she was started to produce her own music.

8. Sensing her libido was getting higher, I slowly made my way to her pair of boobs. No wonder she has a deep cleavage as her bra was actually 34C (I take a peek at her Pierre Cardin bra hanging inside the bathroom, heheheh! :P ) and I gave the pair of boobs a good light rubbing while my mouth and lips were concentrating on her pointy but not so pink nipple. She started to produce a higher quality and higher volume music when I venture further down south and gave her a very long and wet DATY. She was moaning away as if this world is hers while I kept going on her neatly trimmed oyster. I can’t see the color really as it was so dimmed and my eyes were a bit blur on alcohol effect. One thing for sure was that the entrance and inside her pussy was as pink as errr…whatever la guys. But that parts were indeed pink in color except the oyster’s lips.

9. But who cares, as she reached her first orgasm for the night from my tongue effort. I can see clearly some clear liquid slowly dripping on her bed sheet from her pussy before she suddenly grabbed my hair and practically shoved my face towards her pussy. Moments later, she was all in heaven. I let her rest for a while before we were cuddling all over again and this time, she did a brief catbath on me before working on my the pole. To be honest not a good head as I could feel her teeth all over my dick and sometimes it was indeed painful. But she seems to be enjoying what she was doing. Not wanting my dick to be chewed in half by a drunken stewardess, I stopped her from her works and kissed her on the ears and neck before asking for the rubber. She giggled and she grabbed a pack of three Playsafe (must be bought from 7E, eh?) rubbers from under her pillow and put one on my dick.

10. She did a brief covered blow job before pushing me on the bed and she started to ride me, like she was riding a horse! She rode me up and down, front to back and vice versa for a good 5 minutes or so before I pinned her down for a missionary. Oh, forgot to tell you guys she smells so good and her body was free from any visible scars and really curvaceous. I was adoring her body and her smells all the time I go down missionary on her. Cannot cum still after about 10 minutes of pumping and being pumped, I flipped her petite body over on her all four for a doggie ride. Her cunt was getting wetter and more love juices coming out down her thigh when I bang her doggie style. And not long after that, she had her orgasm for the second time before collapsing flat on her stomach. I however was still continuing my pumping activities and now I was pumping her reverse missionary with oohhhs and aahhhs for every thrust I made into her love box before finally I cum inside her with one last deep stroke. Even though not the experience of shagging a pro WL with lacks of style and experience in the service department, it was indeed satisfying shag. ;-)

11. She later cleaned me up and we were cuddling together in her bath tub while Carlsberg beer went down our throat (my throat most of it ) and hit the sack around 1 a.m. Just when I was about to dozed off, I was awaken by a nice feeling on my dick and opened up my eyes to see her giving me head. Way better than the first one, perhaps she was a little bit conscious now. So, without further hesitation, the sexual activities between us went on for the second time with much better variation and give and take attitude that left us sleeping hugging each others naked body for the rest of the night.

12. I woke up again around half past six this morning, wash my face before putting on my clothes. Do some minor grooming, and I wrote her a note which I left on her dressing table. I was tempted to go for another round as breakfast sex when I saw her naked body in front of me. But I put on the duvet on her, kissed her lips and whispered goodbye to her ear before I left her condo. Get down through the lift and walked to get my car. Started the engine and I was speeding fast on KESAS highway to prepare for my unprepared appointment for the weekend.

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Amira Zura said...

Best sangat cerita ni.. Buatkan saya nak baca tiap hari..
Tumpang Iklan
Abang sangat hebat..
Kalau macam ni lah.. hari2 pun sayang nak..
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